CSS Is Vital To Learn

by Michael M
Cascading style sheets have been around for a while they have been around since 1997 so they have been around for 15 years. Cascading style sheets are useful for any web developer. There are really no web developers now that do not know how to use css because it is so common and is now so important. Style sheets are good because they will override peoples defaults settings so it is good becuase it will be seen like that across all web pages. CSS is very important because it can affect the entire mood of a web page. It can make or break your page because it creates consistancy across pages. CSS is not that hard it is just a little harder than plain HTML and it is vital to learn because without knowing how to use CSS will prevent you from getting a job in the web development field.

During this last week we learned how to use html as well as use css. CSS is a little more complicated then HTML but it is something that can be learned. CSS makes web design somewhat easier once you know how to use it because it allows your pages to contain consistancy and that is good for web pages because users do not want to be looking at differnt types of pages. Consistancy in web design makes pages look professional.

I have not used CSS yet but after reading the article and seeing how it was used in class it is something that is vital for me to learn. CSS didnt seem that difficult to use but is something that i really need to get a hang of. If CSS is not learned people will not be getting jobs in the future because it is so vital to company web pages you do  not see many web pages today that do not have CSS. I believe if i am not wron that HTML 5 will be using CSS quite a bit so it will really need to be learned by web designers because they will be out of a job in the near future.

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  • April 22, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    It great when your try to create a consistent format/ theme for your site. It make any web developer life so much easier when they use CSS. It doable without CSS, but having to check every single pages will be very labor intensive

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