CSS Regions{Comments Off on CSS Regions}

by Andrew J
The day before Google’s I/O conference, Adobe announced an extension to CSS. It is called CSS Regions. CSS regions makes text appear more as if it were on a magazine or a well-presented publication. For example, some of the things that it does is wrap text around images and fills text from one area of a web page to another. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEdC2V9TTYs is a short example of what it can do. All of the text rendering will be done in the browser itself. It is not yet an official web standard from the W3C, but adobe is hoping that it can be implemented into all browsers in the future.

Learning how to style  text for html is very important to keep the web page looking interesting.  Having CSS there keeps the text style organized. I did not even know that there were CSS extensions prior to reading this article. Adobe is also trying to implement the CSS Regions into all browsers to keep text looking interesting, making it easier to  do so. Instead of having web pages where all the text are aligned into boxes and squares, we can now have them aligned to pictures of mountain ranges and other geometric shapes. Also, re-sizing the windows of the browsers will change the text alignment so that the text will fit better, making it easier on the users.


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