Custom CSS vs. Computer Generated CSS{1}

by Jorge R
The article that I have chosen to write about talks about how Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) have become an essential part in today’s Web. By using CSS it allows publishers to present information by allowing device independency and more efficient content authoring and sharing. By having improvement in the contents side led to issues arising in the presentation side. The author explained that, “Authoring CSS has become a complex and time consuming task, involving much more than simply setting the visual (or aural and tactile) properties for content elements”. CSS has brought great advances in presentation but has led to difficult programming methods to achieve the technique. A main point discussed by the author is that CSS code quality has been declining over the years. He argues that the main purpose of CSS is to assign visual properties to content, and how the users will interact with the website. The author defines code effectiveness as being a personal interpretation upon how effective it was to achieve the desired results. Code efficiency is defined as interpreting the document and style with the least amount of code. The article explained that there are effective methods of writing CSS styles by using code generators, but there are times when code needs to be hand crafted to achieve the best results.

This article relates to the class being, we are currently trying to code using HTML and CSS. The article was very informative by explaining different scenarios in which had crafting code for specific needs are necessary in certain circumstances. It also explains that there needs to be more input from a graphic designer and less code when developing. This can be useful when trying to build your own website, in order to understand when to use a code generator and when not to. It seems to me that over the next few years we will new methods of coding CSS arising and new implementation to improve user experience on the web.


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