Cyber Squatting{1}

by Chris S
Getting a good domain name is vital to a company. A company with a domain name matching their product is much more likely to have business. Also, a famous entity, such as the pope, has fewer options in his domain name. Rogers Cadenhead from Jacksonville, Florida, realized this. As soon as the names of the new pope candidates were announced he rushed to buy the domains containing their names. After putting advertisements his blog site, which re-directed browsers to, he began making money. Soon after the pope was elected he began to get 100 hits a minute, which began generating even more revenue.


When I read this article I began to realize how important some domain names really are. Certain domains are potentially worth hundreds of dollars, if not more! While many people do not condone cyber-squatting (buying domains not for personal use, but to sell to people who want them for their business later), it can be a very profitable business. This is especially true as the number of availible domain names disappear with the increasing percentage of the population that uses the internet.


This article also brings up a question of morals. What makes cyber squatting any different than buying land cheap with the expectation to sell it for more in the future? Is it alright to cyber squat on a domain of a business? A controversial organization like the Westboro Baptist Church? Where does one draw the line? I’m not sure whether I would feel right cyber squatting, but it is definitely a tempting idea.


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