DART: JavaScript Killer?{2}

by Shahravi
For this week’s blog, I decided to talk about the article which talks about new object oriented programming language called, “DART”. Google release this new programming language last October. Google hopes this new programming language would replace JavaScript as main web programming language. They talk about why Google felt need to develop new web programming language. According to Google, JavaScript has some scalability and organizational issues. According to Google engineers, JavaScript has “fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed by merely evolving.” Google engineers developed DART, which is object oriented language, “designed to be used for both quickly cobbling together small projects, as well as for developing larger-scale Web applications.”

I learned that JavaScript is limited. Building delightful applications on the web with JavaScript is far too difficult. According to article, “JavaScript has become a real obstacle to large-scale app developers like Google because it can’t be tooled and it has inherent performance problems.” This new web programming language is still in works. It has not yet fully developed.

I decided to use this article since it talks about JavaScript which we learned last week. There are always some advantages and disadvantages associated with every technology and tools we use. In technology world, there is always next big thing coming up, replacing the old one. In this case, DART might be the next big thing and JavaScript the old. We will just have to wait and see.


SOURCE: Joab, Jackson (2011, October 10). Google Launches Dart as a JavaScript Killer. Retrieved February 6, 2012, from PCWprld: http://www.pcworld.com/article/241579/google_launches_dart_as_a_javascript_killer.html