Deleted pictures from 3 yrs ago still online?!{5}

by Shahravi
We live in a world where we have a separate online social life. We all use social sites like Facebook, and Twitter. I read an article which talks about how private is your information online. To be specific, the article talks about the pictures we post online. We all like to post out pictures online. There are times where we post the pictures we later realize we shouldn’t have posted. There are pictures of you that your friends posted but you didn’t want them to. What happens when you “delete” those pictures? Are they gone forever or you can still find them? It turns out, that you can’t “delete” your pictures completely. The pictures you thought you or your friends deleted like three years ago, you can still find them and search for them online. It turns out that as long as you have the direct link to the picture on Facebook servers, pictures are there indefinitely. As long as you or someone has a direct link to the .jpg file in question, the pictures are always available.

What I learned from this article is that no technology is perfect. All most all technologies have flaws. It turns out that the system Facebook used to store pictures few years ago, did not always delete images from their Content Delivery Networks (CDN) in a reasonable amount of time. The company says they are working on a new system which drastically reduces this delay. This problem first originated about three years ago and they still haven’t been able to fix the problem. Let’s hope they can soon come up with a solution.