Designers coveted by Silicon Valley{Comments Off on Designers coveted by Silicon Valley}

by CyberChic
In the article, Segall explains the current head hunting trends of technology companies. Their business strategy has turned to creating intuitive applications in order to gain customers. To achieve their goal, they need interface designers and information architects or basically web designers with a little bit of programming, database and information management (handsome_bigfella, 10/07). Among the technology companies mentioned were Google and Facebook and since the demand out weighs the supply they have turned to the age old tactic of buying small companies, not for their product or service but for their technical personnel. This is called acq-hires.

What does this have to do with database design? Well, it’s not all about the interface but a combination of good visual design and a good database to retrieve the information requested.

I would really like to see what all the hoopla is about and view the web sites of those acquired companies: Mint, Milk and Sofa. I like the simplicity of those four letter words. If those sites are unavailable, I might try the Webby awards. It is a yearly event, in which web sites are nominated in different categories and voted upon by peers. It’s a great way to view some good web sites without viewing the billions out there.