Developing on the Go{2}

by Rafael F
Summary: Dreamweaver is a tool used by developers to fine tune code for website and applications. This article informs the reader of how the program will soon be made available to developers working from their smart phones. Not only does this program let you write and modify code straight from your mobile phone, but it also has a new function that will let you update your existing code to the newest versions of HTML and it’s associated CSS. The idea behind making this software mobile comes from the added business associated with mobile applications. E-commerce comes at a price and that price is to add mobile functionality to one’s existing website. This program will let developers more readily test their code straight from the source of development. This tool will see much growth in the future.

Reflection: This is related to the topic of the week as we are beginning to study web applications. This tool is something that we can use during the course of this class and also in the future. I find it difficult to think that someone would code directly from their phone for anything extensive but I do see how convenient it would be to test code for mobile machines from a mobile phone or device.

I don’t have much experience with mobile technology but at my place of employment we are soon to begin the project of creating an interface for mobile users. I work at a credit union and we have a great web site but many smart phones can not access the home banking portion of the site. Mobile banking is something we will be developing soon and much of the testing and developing will be done from a pc but with mobile dreamweaver software we’ll be able to test, modify, and fix a whole lot easier.