differences with html5

by Daniel M
the article that i read was about html5 and the benefits of using it versus html. The article talks about all the new tags that html5 uses and what they can do for you as a web developer. First off the article talks about how if your website works fine and html allows you to do everything that you need it to do then there is really no need to change or if you do change it is best to ease into the transition so that you don’t make your website inoperable. Basically html5 has a few main tags that are different that allow you to do things that html did not. The first tag that is different is the <nav> tag. This tag allows you to make a section specifically for links to different sites or to different pages of your website. The next tag is <section> which will allow you to create a section a generic document or application section. It acts much the same way a <div> does by separating off a portion of the document. The next tag is the <article> tag. This tag will allow you create a portion of a page which can stand alone such as: a blog post, a forum entry, user submitted comments or any independent item of content. an <aside> tag allows you to create a side bar that basically will allow you create a section for related posts or quotes. The last main tag that is different is the <footer> tag. This tag was in html but it now allows you to mark up the footer of not only the current page but each section within the page. The header and footer tags now allow you to mark up the top and bottom of each section of the page not just the top and bottom of the page like it used to. The other benefits of html5 is that it has many more API opportunities that you can create. It seems like html5 allows for the programmer to make the website more easily customizable.

The article went into greater detail about some of the other tags and functions of html5 but without a huge knowledge of html some of it was over my head. This article relates to this class because html5 seems to be the new standard for web development and since we are in a web development class we need to know the differences between html and html5. It is also always good practice to always keep up on the newest standards that are out there and to also continue to learn different languages to make ourselves more desirable to potential employers.


wright, T. (2009, july 16). Html5 and the future of the web. Retrieved from http://coding.smashingmagazine.com/2009/07/16/html5-and-the-future-of-the-web/


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  1. I’m actually really excited to learn about HTML5 and I believe your article does a great job at explaining the benefits of using it over normal HTML. Learning some HTML last quarter, I felt very restricted with what I was able to do; hopefully HTML5 will allow me to put my ideas into motion in an easier fashion.

  2. Nice article and summary. I keep hearing about HTML5, and they are all about how HTML5 will eliminate the need for flash. And that’s all that i know about HTML5. And after reading through your article it got me to think what would all these new main tags will do to the web, and it will probably change the way to use the web.

  3. HTML5 has made a lot of headlines lately and it was very interesting reading your post. Once of my questions initial questions about this new technology was how it is different from HTML. I now understand that one of the main differences is the tags and their capabilities.

  4. Very interesting article I had no idea how different HTML5 was compared to HTML. It really does seem like HTML5 allows for more customization and flexibility. I would definitely like to learn more about this, especially if it is going to be used much more from now on into the future.

  5. There is only one reason to use HTML5, to make it easier for smart phones. It’s actually a great idea because we are left with this idea that smart phone will take over computers… This world is full of smart phone where the point of computers and social communication is being pointless. Although we should grow with the technology, I feel like it will only make it uncomfortable with the new laws on banning texts and phone calls. So HTML5 in my sense, will only make people find ways for people to look at websites at the most unreasonable times. Well, that’s just my opinion.

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