Emerging Technologies{2}

by Alejandro C
Since 2000 the Internet has been through quite a few changes, the article compares the technologies from the year 2000 and 2005 to which new technologies of web design, development, and applications. The comparisons dwell within the browsers to which we use everyday to look at news, applications, articles, information, and so on. Comparisons between netscape, IE, firefox, and safari were all made and how these newer browsers have changed the way people develop pages based on how well the browser is able to process it.

Though many can argue the nature of which browser is the best and which one has the better layouts and such they all implement new technologies which have since been developed and uses since the writing of this article. I do think that most browsers have their respective pros and cons but one must look and see which ones will work for you and work more effectively to what technologies are behind them. Web enabled applications are here to stay and the developers need to tweak and modify existing applications to work with the updating browsers of today.

I do look back at the year 2000 and once looks at the statics pages to which people could go to and get simple information from and not have much interaction. Looking at sites and browse based application today one sees the dynamic nature of information going to peoples computers and mobile devices. Since then these technologies have changed so much one can only look into the future and imagine the greater possibilities that will arise.

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