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by Shahravi
We have been learning about ASP.NET for about past two weeks. For this week;s blog, I’ve decided to talk about the article which talks about how to enhance your website with ASP.NET AJAX extensions. AJAX, which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is one of the most hyped technology acronyms around. We didn’t learn much about AJAX in the class, so I’ll list some details about it here. One of the biggest advantages of AJAX is that page refreshness is minimized which allowes users to get the information they need quickly and easily through a more rich and functional interface. AJAX does this by using JavaScript and an XMLHttp object to send data asynchronously from the broweser to the web server and back. This is very useful if you have comple website. ASP.NET AJAX extensions provides developers with a simple way to add AJAX functionality into any ASP.NET website. This article is technical.

The article shows how you can add AJAX capabilities into a new or existing website by using a new ASP.NET AJAX server-side control called the UpdatePanel. UpdatePanel control is used to allow portions of a page to be updated without requiring the entire page to be posted back to the server and reloaded in the broser. The article goes on explaining some other important ASP.NET AJAX extensions. The article is a bit advanced and more technical, so I won’t go into more details.

I know we didn’t learn much about AJAX but since we learned about ASP.NET, I thought this article was important. This would be much helpful if we were developing big scale web applications with ASP.NET.


SOURCE: http://www.simple-talk.com/dotnet/asp.net/enhance-your-website-with-asp.net-ajax-extensions/