Everyone is making their transition to HTML 5{Comments Off on Everyone is making their transition to HTML 5}

by Daniel S
The technology world is always ready for an upgrade, and HTML is definitely an upgrade compared to Flash, a video streaming option. Flash has been known to eat up a lot of processing power and battery life to stream video. Apple has been one of the first companies to fully commit and support HTML 5 and do everything it can to make the full transition to HTML 5. Although all evidence points to HTML 5 being apparent heir to replacing Flash, statistics still show that about 35% of the internet market is still using Internet Explorer, that still needs Flash to playback video. Mozilla and Google Chrome has already made the transition to HTML 5 video. However the real benefit of HTML 5 will be applied to mobile technology, but android phone still support Flash video, but Google has recently come out with a statement saying that future phones will not have any Flash plug-ins. It is only a matter of time when HTML 5 will completely replace Flash for any video streaming options.

The article was definitely relevant to the class because we talked about how HTML 5 allows a websites to embed media directly into the website with simple HTML tags. I believe it will definitely be helpful to know more about HTML 5 for this class because it will be very useful when we start to create websites. I enjoyed the article because I got to gain more knowledge of HTML 5 and how that applies to the technology we are using today and how effective and efficient it will be to create new websites.

Honestly, I wasn’t too familiar with HTML 5 technology, until I read this article. I heard from people that it had the possibility that it will replace flash someday, but I really had no idea what it was and what it did. I knew that flash is a platform that is used to add different kinds of multimedia to WebPages, and also it ate a lot of battery life when the application was being used. The extent of my knowledge for HTML 5 was from knowing what HTML was (Hyptertext Markup Language). which is used to code for websites.

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