Evolution Of Web Design{7}

by Ivan C
The first websites started emerging in the 1990’s.  These sites were all text based, non-interactive, with small amount images. Web design has evolved throughout the years going from plain text to table based- designs, flash, and CSS based designs.  In 1991 a man named Tim Berners Lee released the first web page discussing what the World Wide Web is. This page only had limited links and still exists today ( http://www.w3.org/History/19921103-hypertext/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html (Chapman).). The initial pages were html based but did not have all the features it has today. In the past  simple structure was available like headers, paragraphs, and links. As time passed html started to support images and tables (Chapman). In 1996 FutureSplash Animator, now Adobe Flash, was developed. This new tool provided more features in developing web pages that made it possible to create interactive pages with animation. Overall the evolution of web design continues beyond this.

I found this article interesting because it provided the history of web development. It provided me with information I did not know before. It is related to the class in which we keep utilizing more tools as we progress with each project. It is also related to the class in which we constantly have learned about html and its features.


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