Excel 2011 uses Visual Basic Capabilities{1}

by Yeimy F
 Microsoft Office developed Excel 2011 version which supports Visual Basic for Applications. The way this article explains how it actually works is by providing an example about how a project can track how much time an employee dedicates to a spreadsheet by using Visual Basic programming code. By implementing this feature an employee will have to login and logout meaning that the system is gonna track how much time it is spent on that project and it will be applied to their hourly rate to figure out their bill. “It’s is a good demonstration of how easy it is to embed interactive and automated elements using VBA.” Then the article goes on explaining step by step how to add this feature to a spreadsheet. The first step is to create a time-stamp button that will insert the date and time and then you add formulas that will calculate the total time spent on a project and apply that time to the hourly rate.


This last week we talked about Visual Basic and all the information that was given was kind of overwhelming and I am so sure that we did not cover everything about this programming language. But

I considered this article as a great example to show people, who don’t know so much about Visual Basic or even nothing at all, how powerful this tool is and how easy it will be for organizations to use it. I also think that Excel is an excelent business tool and this is the beginning of extending its capabilities to a new level, it will be better in a few years.




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