Exit the WebMatrix{Comments Off on Exit the WebMatrix}

by James C

Webmatrix is Microsoft’s latest web development application. The author, Martin Heller, gives an in-depth look at the good and bad of its features. Webmatrix is free development software for both experts and amateurs alike. Some of the positive to using Webmatrix is WEbDeploy, a feature that synchronizes data and files to your site barring support from your web hosting provider. Also, a compact edition of SQL Server is included that reduces the need for overhead during development. Lastly, a database editor is included for simple creation and management of schema’s, indexes and data. Simple enough to keep amateurs from having to learn SQL Server Management Studio. Of course, not every product can be all positive. The author clearly states his disregard for the web development software to experts, but does recommend it to novice for a startup program into web development.


I myself have downloaded WebMatrix and will be testing its capabilities with regard to the class requirements on building and utilizing CSS and JavaScript. As far as tying it into a database server, I probably will be seeking a little more information on developing this feature. For now, I will be looking into developing webpages using Expression or Dreamweaver.


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