Facebook and HTML5

by Maral M
http://www.facebook.com/blog.php?post=483824142130Facebook’s department of mobile web applications continues to develop applications that use HTML5. HTML5 allows applications that are normally used offline to be brought onto the web. Facebook thinks of itself as a platform for different applications and not as a social networking site. Android phones have been integrated with Facebook at deep levels allowing users to use Facebook applications without directly going on. One of the newest features is called the Ticker. The ticker allows users to see what their friends are doing quickly; much like the top right side of the Facebook homepage on a web browser.

Facebook’s integration of HTML5 is going to bring a different level of user interface to users. They will be able to use applications that were only available offline before. This feature also users to stay connected with their friends. The applications that are available now are making it easier for people to incorporate Facebook into their lives more quickly. As the article stated, people can check what their friends are doing while at a bus stop. This way people will always be able to connect with their friends.

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6 thoughts on “Facebook and HTML5”

  1. Since its a platform of applications, do users have the option of disable/customize their own facebook using Android? Personally I think users will appreciate the option of customize their Facebook, so they can disable/delete the features that they don’t like.

  2. I believe that Facebook make the good decision to stick with HTML 5. Also, there are several major companies still using HTML 5. For example, Google add HTML 5 Gmail and Gtalk notifications for the desktop, Pandora, one of the major internet radio use HTML 5 too.

  3. Companies are always going to try and develop with the latest software available. HTML 5 is still in beta and one of the most populated websites in the world surely should be using the latest software available to stay ahead of the game.

  4. Facebook mentions that it thinks itself as a platform. It’s interesting to know what Facebook is thinking. Facebook uses HTML5 to launch applications because there is more benefits and features.

  5. Facebook’s plan to build a rich HTML5 version of its site complete with apps from its biggest third-party developers should be no surprise.

  6. I think Facebook as a platform is still a great milestone to achieve because of the image that it already has. If it would have started off as a platform there would be more of an acceptance rate but since they have already created such image of a social networking site it will be hard to change.

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