Facebook likely to back away from HTML5 for now{2}

by Taylor G
The article I choose to talk about related to Facebook betting big on HTML5 by releasing their iPhone and Android applications in HTML5.  The reason Facebook decided to use HTML5 instead of the native software for the Google owned Android, and the Apple owned iOS because they viewed HTML5 as a neutral platform.  They were able to build apps that were unified across various platforms from Android’s and iPhone’s.  Facebook was hoping that other mobile developers would also move in the direction towards HTML5.  Since Facebook has so much traffic over their News Feeds and the millions of Like buttons grabbing information from all over.  There is a huge drawback to the switch to HTML5 though, and its pretty significant.  Unlike the native software for platforms, HTML5 had to load like a webpage within the apps causing huge delays when opening the app, taking pictures, uploading them to the internet, since it had to load like a real page.  Up until last week Instagram, a social networking site that shares only photos and comments, was only on the iOS platform.  Last week Instagram released their Android app and has reached 30 million users.  A week ago, Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 Billion.  Some are betting that this huge purchase allows Facebook to back out of HTML5 for the time being.

I find this article very interesting.  When I first heard that Facebook acquired Instagram, I thought it was because Instagram was becoming a huge factor in the Social Networking ring.  I had thought that they purchased Instragram in a power move to exert their dominance, but the purchase can have other meanings, such as their solution to their huge gamble on HTML5.  I think that Facebook’s move towards HTML5 is smart, but to move towards that code on mobile devices at this point was too big of a move.  I think that there are devices out there on the market that can handle HTML5 decently, but the bandwidth and processing power for the average mobile device isnt there yet.  I think the long term goals should be eventually to move towards HTML5, but right now, they should be focusing on supporting the average platform and the best rate of speed, and that would be to build their apps in the native platform code, being iOS software, and Android software.tgoog

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