Facebook Open Graph API{7}

Businesses and developers have been trying to jump on the Facebook bandwagon for years.  When Facebook started allowing businesses to have Facebook pages that users could “like”, business had to constantly update their page and relied on the news feed to gain traffic.  However, Facebook kept changing the way content was displayed and taking away traffic from these pages

Facebook Connect was born and allowed users to connect to a site/app using their Facebook credentials in a trusted environment.  This also gave users control over what information they were willing to share.  This just paved the way for what we now know as Facebook Open Graph  (Morin, 2008).

facebook connect

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The Facebook Open Graph API now allows users to draw on the Facebook database, by use of queries known as FQL queries, and use information that Facebook users post to better their applications.  It also allows applications to post directly to the user’s timeline.  This is going to allow a whole new opportunity for developers to connect with their users and allow them to share information (Bautista, 2011)

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Chances are that everyone with an active Facebook account has used an application that connects using this API.  Websites such as Yelp, Pinterest, Chegg, and Rotten Tomatoes all make use of it.


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  • Developers can implement it using only a couple lines of HTML code
  • Can share online or offline
  • Gives users option to share what they want


  • All routes must go through Facebook
  • Facebook decides what apps are appropriate

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