Facebook Timeline{2}

by Taylor G
So the topic I choose to talk about for this weeks blog was the new ‘Facebook Timeline’.  It has been a highly discussed topic in the previous few months, where users have been complaining about it causing issues with their privacy.  This week we talked about User Interfaces, and when users go to browse one another’s facebook, you’re going have to navigate around the timeline.  Timeline hasn’t showed up on every single facebook page, but it is slowly rolling out to every user’s page.  Timeline is one of the biggest design changes in the eight years facebook has been around.  CNN Technology defines Timeline, “encourages users to make Facebook a kind of online scrapbook of their lives.”  Timeline features lagers profile pictures with a cover photo spanning the entire width of the page, as well as larger pictures on the wall itself.  Timeline is meant to highlight major life events.  Timeline has seen plenty of opposition but for the people that like it they enjoy the big pictures and ability to navigate by the given year.

I think that this is a big step for Facebook.  I personally like the new design, it lets you be more creative and allows users to have a page that looks completely different from one another.  Where I disagree with it is how they are forcing every single user to use it.  I think that for those of us that actually like it, we should be encouraged to use it, for the others, they can switch whenever they get sick of the old design.  Eventually it would get old and they would see that the old Facebook lacks the ability to let you be creative and express yourself.  I always like to use the next best thing, and especially with Operating Systems and User Interfaces.  I like and use Facebook Timeline myself.

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