Facebook’s Push for New Kind of Ad{Comments Off on Facebook’s Push for New Kind of Ad}

by ChihWei H

In addition to “like” button and fan “page”, Facebook is pushing out a new service called “People talking about this” for advertiser to measure how fan interact with a brand’s fan page.This metric gather everything from people’s “like”, comments, to photo tags and so on. This is Facebook’s latest effort to attract advertisers to pay for their premium service other than banner ad and clicks. According to recent estimates, the chance of people click on ad on social networking sites are extremely low, which explain why Facebook is pushing this new “engagement” kind of ad rather than traditional pay per click. However, many advertisers ain’t convinced engagement  is worth more than clicks because it is harder to measure its effectiveness.

This is an article about business side of web designs. Some people create website for hobbies and charities, for all others, websites are about generating income and revenues. This is especially true for content driven sites and social networking sites. For those sites, their main income comes from subscription and pay per click ad. In this day of age it’d be too naive to say a website is sustainable without the annoying ads, even e-commerce site like eBay and Amazon have subtle outside link in their site, so the questions is, as a web designer, how can we integrate ads into our site without sacrificing overall design and site integrity.

Our classmate, Omar, posted a summary of a researched article about links between customers satisfactions and website convenience. I think people who designing website will run into this dilemma eventually. Websites with lots of ads decrease user satisfaction thus decrease traffic. Website with little to no ads doesn’t generate enough revenues to fund new projects and compelling contents. Decisions, decisions.

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