FBI Warns About The Vanishing of The Web in July

by Toan T
This article talks about how the FBI is warning that hundreds of thousands of people could lose their internet connections when July comes around. This is all due to a malware known as DNSChanger. How DNSChanger works is that when you enter a Web address into the browser, the computer contacts the DNS servers to find the IP address of the site you are trying to reach. DNSChanger fiddles around with infected machine;s settings and direct it to rouge servers by a crime ring (servers that hand out addresses to whatever site the ring chooses). People behind DNSChanger have profited millions in commission from all the hijacked computer clicks and internet ads for the machines they hijacked. Last year, FBI disrupted the ring and seized the rouge servers but was not able to shut them down due to the fact that so many machines were infected. As an alternative method, they were instead converted to legitimate DNS servers. However, running these servers costs the government money so they’re are going to be switched off in July. Those with infected machines will no longer be able to access the Web at all. DNSChanger Working Group has created a website to diagnose any machine and if necessary remove DNSChanger if it is infected. This needs to be done before July 8 since the servers are going to go down the following day.

I found this article to be interesting because I never knew that such malware exist. I do feel that the FBI could’ve redirected those machines that were infected with the virus to a site where there would be a legitimate warning stating that such machines that are receiving the message are infected with the virus and then guide them step by step on how to remove it. That would have probably have reduced the infected rate much more then just hosting the servers and then shutting down months later because they couldn’t afford hosting the servers.

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