Fighting the Obstacle of Handicap Discrimination{1}

by Abraham L

Web design and technology management librarians work at an ever-changing environment. Not only do they have to incorporate the new technology into their work but they also have to take in consideration the requirements posed by law to ensure that their is non-discriminant to those with disabilities. These guidelines provided by the law sometimes aren’t always clear. Sometimes they aren’t always the simplest feats either as some requirements are complex. The librarians best chance at overcoming these obstacles in despite these challenges and the substantial limitations that come with satisfying these laws is to keep up with emerging technologies. Experimentation, learning from development mistakes, and ultimately continuing to adapt are necessary in order to provide work that will benefit everybody.



Though the issue with technology and discrimination of those with disabilities is relatively new, the issue with discrimination of those with disabilities in general has been around for a while. In the work world, before companies hire their employees, they have to take in consideration the applying worker’s disabilities who are protected by a law that states that employers cannot just decide not to hire someone if he or she has a disability. I think that this issue neglected frequently and companies need to put more effort into making their products accessible to people with disabilities. Technology is the way of the future as cliche as it sounds and if new technologies continue to neglect this issue, those with disabilities will be left behind and a new problem will emerge (especially with the rate of change technology today is showing.)

This problem will always be around as long as technology keeps developing. Developing technology isn’t always simple and sometimes take large amounts of time. This article tells me that developers have been putting more time and effort in developing for users without disabilities and have been neglecting the needs of those with disabilities (though this is changing.) This article also tells me that people don’t always clear idea of what goes on when it comes to development of technology (hence some of the requirements that are posed by the law.)



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