Firefox 9’s excellent imporvements!{1}

by Abubaker D
So my article is talking about the improvements of the Firefox 9 web browser. Recently, Google’s web browser Chrome has been surpassing the Firefox web browser. But with the new improvements that Firefox is bringing, it is no longer being over shadowed by Chrome. Mozilla sped up JavaScript performance in its Firefox 9 browser by 30%. Mozilla added better support for Apple’s latest desktop interface, Mac OS X Lion, including support for two-finger swipe gestures and a more Lion-Like interface design. Firefox also added new features for web site developers. Sites now can deliver large amounts of data to the browser using its support for  “chunking XHR requests, allowing web sites to  display content as it’s downloaded instead of waiting for the entire download to complete”. Firefox 9 has improved support for CSS, HTML5 and MathML. Mozilla also updated Firefox for Android. New for the mobile browser is table optimization for landscape and portrait orientation. Users can add bookmarks to their Android home screen for app-like access. A new action bar menu lets Android users access Firefox preferences, add-ons and downloads. Finally, the Android version of Firefox 9 lets sites access the mobile device’s camera and supports HTML form Validation.

This is related to our class because it’s talking about JavaScript, Web Browsers and some of their functions. I thought this could be beneficial for students to stay up to date with what’s going on in the tech field because we are already dealing with HTML, JavaScript and developing our own websites.

I use and prefer Firefox over Chrome personally. I am glad to see that Firefox is still developing and improving its web browser even though it’s not a non-profit organization unlike Google. I find their browser to be really fast and it suits the way I do web browsing.

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