Flash Vs Html 5{3}

by Quoc L
The battle between flash and HTML is constantly changing in this world.  Finding the best is a struggle as technology change every year. Flash  is used by 2+ plus user whereas HTML 5 only used by 800+ million people. 99% of all browser support flash but only 40% of browser support HTML 5. HTML 5 is every insecure software, where you only need to view source to open the program. Overall flash have more usages , user and security however HTML 5 is a quicker program to use.

It important for our class learn as html 5 is our future however flash is such a integrated part of our web. 2+billion users is much of a important market to ignore. Even though HTML is faster and even more efficient, flash is still a important part of the web.

I find that article interesting how flash is still a dominate part of the web. No matter how much people said that HTML 5 is “the future”, flash still own this marketplace. Replacing a aging but well known technology is a uphill battle.

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