Flash Vs Html 5

by Quoc L
The battle between flash and HTML is constantly changing in this world.  Finding the best is a struggle as technology change every year. Flash  is used by 2+ plus user whereas HTML 5 only used by 800+ million people. 99% of all browser support flash but only 40% of browser support HTML 5. HTML 5 is every insecure software, where you only need to view source to open the program. Overall flash have more usages , user and security however HTML 5 is a quicker program to use.

It important for our class learn as html 5 is our future however flash is such a integrated part of our web. 2+billion users is much of a important market to ignore. Even though HTML is faster and even more efficient, flash is still a important part of the web.

I find that article interesting how flash is still a dominate part of the web. No matter how much people said that HTML 5 is “the future”, flash still own this marketplace. Replacing a aging but well known technology is a uphill battle.

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3 thoughts on “Flash Vs Html 5”

  1. I think the reason why Flash is still dominating the market is because of how stable and light it is. I have read on some article that HTML5 requires a lot beefier hardware in order to run smoothly. I guess that is a big drawback since HTML5 is still new after all.

  2. Nice article, I enjoyed reading about the comparison between HTML5 and Flash. Are hardware limitations are at all significant when it comes to websites? I would imagine when Flash was introduced that it had seemingly high end hardware requirements too.

  3. I dont necessarily agree with this article, HTML5 may be insecure, but Flash is just as insecure as HTML5. One of the main reasons why Steve Jobs never wanted Flash on his devices was because of the insecurity of the platform. I think in the very near future, Flash will go down, and go down fast. Just have to wait for the technology to catch up with the code.

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