Flash vs HTML5

by Andrew J
This article directly matches up flash and html5. It compares the number of games each platform has. The number or users capable of viewing the content. The method of distribution. It compares whether it is browser dependent or plug-in dependent. It measures the CPU percentage used while running each platform. How secure each system is. And lastly it measured how mobile each platform is.


The results pf the comparison showed that flash had well over 100,000  games, while HTML5 only has a few hundred games. Over 2 billion users are able to get flash content whereas only 800+ million can view html5. HTML5 is browser-dependent. Where flash installs different plug-ins. Depending on whether the test was on a mac or a pc, the results differed for cpu consumption. For macs, while being tested on safari, html5 consumed much less cpu usage than html5. On windows machines, flash performed much more fairly than html5.

While it may seem that flash still greatly overpowers html5, the mobile trend is shifting away from flash. Especially with Apple publicly rejecting flash on its mobile products. HTML5 is quickly becoming more and more of the industry standard. HTML5 is completely open for all to create whatever it is that they wish, while Flash is a closed system. Adobe still owns and controls how flash content is designed and created.


Poeter, Damon. February 8,2012. Infographic: Flash Still Beats HTML5 by Most Measures. PCMag.http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2400020,00.asp

2 thoughts on “Flash vs HTML5”

  1. I personally feel that flash is going to be outdated. In terms of desktop PC towers, flash will continue to dominate online gaming. But it did not catch on to mobile or smart phone craze. HTML 5 dominates this realm. If HTML 5 continues to catch on, it can definitely even become the standard among regular PCs.

  2. I also agree with Vincent about flash is going to be outdated. There are no flash support for flash, however when i try to view flash with add-on apps it will in fact like the contents no problem, but it will drain the battery much quicker than no flash contents. HTML 5 will probably take over flash’s market share, hopefully it will be soon.

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