Follow-Up: The Emotion Driven Design{3}

by Vincent S
Last week, I wrote about recent research concerning how emotions play a big part in web design.   So much so that research and development departments in many companies spend millions of dollars every year attempting to understand the correlation between site preference and emotional response.  I previously thought that this was the only research project concerning this study until I found another study that was also focusing on emotion driven human response.

The reason why I think this is all relevant is because emotional response is something many of us don’t typically think about when designing a site.  At least, not in the deepest realms of human thought.  Usually, we only concern ourselves with smaller aspects such as the color scheme of the site and other basic level responses.  The research being done now involves comparing notes with sociologists and inventing units of measure for human emotional response.  This is obviously starting to become a big business and might open new fields of research.  As social studies have been in the decline, maybe more sociologists can focus on human interactions with technology rather than normal human behavior.  In this manner, as technology becomes more important in our daily lives, it will become ever more critical to understand how technology affects at a cognitive emotional level.


Ozkaramanli, Deger. Deger, Pieter. (November 2012) I Knew I Shouldn’t, Yet I Did It Again! Emotion-driven Design as a Means to Motivate Subjective Well-being.  The International Journal of Design.  Retrieved on May 20, 2012