Front and Centric{Comments Off on Front and Centric}

by James C

Traditionally, development of web applications usually required a group of experts to manage different parts. The advancement of application architecture has simplified the process from a three tier architecture developed by many to a one man taskforce. In other words, the issue facing a conventional approach required that different personal specialize in a specific tier, presentation, logic or data management. This approach would further require the use of many different applications and languages to develop a single application.

In this article the author presents a solution to simplify this process by suggesting the use of one programming language and one paradigm. Laine discusses the use of XFormsDB, the Google Web Toolkit and Sausalito to show an example of the tier centric views, presentation, logic and data management, respectively.


I feel that this idea of viewing web development from a single point of view would limit the creativity of the designer. For the most part, many experts in each of the three tiers do not have enough knowledge to expand the true capabilities of other tiers. This would only limit the usability of the web application by denying the use of advance features that could otherwise be incorporated into the programming.

I do agree that the process of a more unilateral approach to developing an application is needed, the contributions of experts is far more valuable to an application than a short-cut route to the end. This approach, though, could serve well to small businesses that are looking to cut corners.


Laine, M., Shestakov, D., Litvinova, E., & Vuorimaa, P. (2011). Toward unified web application development. IT Professional Magazine, 13(5), 30-30-36. doi:10.1109/MITP.2011.55