FTC Expands Antitrust Probe to Add Google+

by Melinda E
Everyone knows that Google is the #1 search engine that also develops their own web and computer applications. Well now they are on fire for possibly favoring searching their own website’s information from Google+ over other social networks. If this is found true, they are violating federal antitrust laws on monopolies. Apparently Google has a new search option this week called “Search, Plus Your World” to enable you to search through your Google+ friends information as well. Twitter is particularly bothered with this because they believe it will be harder to search their important news posts. However, it is unclear from the article whether a normal search favors Google+ information or if you have to enable the special search. They are also looking at if Google elevates their own search rankings for other things they make, like the Android OS and its available applications.

This is an article about SEO from the source. Usually people are trying to tag up their web pages so they come up in high places in Google, but when Google does this to themselves, then how much power do they really have? When you have a search engine that is also trying to be the best in everything else, you can understand that there can easily be some kind of advantage from that. Advantages that can be taken. So naturally, you can expect them to get a lot of scrutiny especially from other competitive companies.

I thought this article was interesting because of two things. First, it’s Google, and I haven’t heard about anything too terrible that they have done, and it is interesting to see this seemingly honest company being examined. Secondly, it sparked me to question what they are doing to question Macintosh. In the article, it was mentioned that Google might favor Android app searches over iPhone. Well for iPhone, there are some apps that people make that are available for Android, but not available for iPhone because Apple said no to the app. An example of this is Grooveshark, a streaming song player. I would imagine Apple said no because they have that “monopoly” on iTunes! I plan on looking further into this.



FTC Expands Antitrust Probe to Add Google+. January 13, 2012. Retrieved January 13 2012 from Bloomberg Web site: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-01-13/google-s-social-networking-service-said-to-be-added-to-ftc-antitrust-probe.html

4 thoughts on “FTC Expands Antitrust Probe to Add Google+”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google is breaking the law for their advantage. In their eyes I think its good business logic to make the extra money. But i feel that even if there is enough evidence to prove them guilty they will use their political puppets and pull some strings.

  2. I found this article interesting as well. I think there is two sides to this coin. As a business, of course google is going to want to give preferential treatment to their company when you search their search engine. At the same time their job is to give you the most relevant data to your search. Most service companies are going to do whatever they can to make sure you stay with their company. Can you really blame them for doing it?

  3. Well, in business, no one plays fair. Everyone wants to hog everything. It’s really annoying. They don’t let room for others to shine. If they really incorporate that idea, it would be dumb. I don’t use Google+ really. And I guess I will never use it!

  4. The power that Google has over the content of the internet is quite alarming. They might not be able to change the actually content, but they can drastically change who gets to see that content. Being able to be found on Google is such a vital part in maintaining a business that people will play top dollar to have Google analysts on their teams. Google has some competition, but not really. I don’t know of a single person who prefers to use Yahoo or Bing. Google may already have a monopoly on search engines, but more importantly, they may have nearly complete control on the distribution of information of the internet.

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