Functionality{Comments Off on Functionality}

by Ivan C
Originally named LiveScript, JavaScript was created by Netscape. JavaScript, similarly to java, is also object-oriented. Combined with HTML tags JavaScript enables the user to control what is presented in the interface. This type of language helps improve the visual representation of the web page and allows users to navigate between web pages. Using JavaScript to alter text and pages can result in the control of user’s time on page, automated popups, embedded audio, color changes and fades, and toggle buttons(Grace).  To keep visitors interested in the web site JavaScript allows for great user interaction. One of the biggest advantages of JavaScript is its client side user form validation. This comes at hand when customers fill out some type of form and JavaScript’s code checks for missing information, non-numeric characters when not valid, and format. This increases customer satisfaction by allowing faster feedback to the user instead of waiting for a response from the server(Grace).

This article provided some insight on the history of JavaScript. It explained its functionalities and advantages of using it. Reading this article caused me to realize how flexible and easy to use it is. In my opinion the client side validation is a useful technique to save time, increase customer satisfaction, and resources. Overall this article relates to the class in which will begin on project two and JavaScript will be necessary to complete it. It reinforces what was taught in class and adds new detail.



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