GoLive CS2 another branch in the great tree that is Adobe.{1}

by Salvador A
GoLive CS2 addresses one of the key hindrances of CSS, it’s hard to learn, and trying to add CSS to existing sites is even harder. GoLive CS2 provides users with multiple preformatted CSS templates that are just a mouse click away. GoLive CS2 allows users to import existing content to rebuild an older website that did not have any CSS implemented. Some of features listed is the ability to drag and drop styles, such as fixed columns or scaling columns that can be combined in one page. It also has a view that shows the current styles and the CSS code that goes with it beneath it. Some con’s, it does not integrate well with other Adobe products, it lacks the proper tools to do so in it’s current state. GoLive CS2 also allows for mobile webpage creation and comes with built in phone emulators to see how your page will be displayed.

While it may still be in beta I believe GoLive CS2 is headed in the right direction. I may not have much experience in writing CSS, from what we have done in simple examples I can see that these style sheets can get pretty hectic. If programming has taught me anything, it’s when there’s more code to write there are going to be more errors. With CSS though you do not have the “luxury” of a compiler yelling at you that it’s wrong, it simply does not display on the screen. Leaving the poor programmer wondering what he did wrong. Utilizing GoLive CS2’s templates is an easier alternative to writing your own CSS files. Now not everything is good with this piece of software the thing I see wrong with this product is the price tag. With the standard price coming in at $899 or upgrading from an earlier version for 169, this little piece of software is going to hit your wallets hard. We can only hope you’ll be using it to it’s fullest.


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