Goodbye to HTML Coding?{6}

by Cary C
The article introduces a new product from Adobe which is called Muse.  Muse is touted as being able to allow a user to create a website without needing to know how to use Cascading Style Sheets or Hypertext Markup Language.  So in essence, it is similar to Adobe’s Dreamweaver program, but it goes further by giving the user more control over the types of items that can be dragged into the page without doing any type of coding.  The article directs the reader to the home page for the Muse product and mentions that that particular page was created using the Muse software.  From there, a user can sign up to use Muse to create their own webpage without needing to code in HTML.  Adobe offers to host the webpage for the creator for a trial period, and then the user can choose to sign up for Adobe’s hosting service on a monthly basis if so desired.

I like this article, because I do not particularly care for creating websites, or at least I do not like coding.  Maybe my dislike comes from the fact that I do not really have too much experience in creating the sites and that I find the coding to be somewhat tedious and boring.  I like the idea of creating something from scratch, and I have done that a lot in other areas of personal life.  However, designing webpages just does not appeal to me.  I have used Dreamweaver in other classes, but I still have not been able to produce anything of significance.  The users of Adobe’s Muse program are apparently touting Muse’s ease and intuitive use, and they are also expressing that despite its ease, Muse is an exceptionally powerful application.

While the software is still only available in a Beta format, it does promise to be an application to keep an eye on in the near future.  As social networking as become more and more prominent, a larger number of users have become more interested in creating webpages for their personal use.  Companies such as MySpace and Facebook have offered users the ability to create their own personal pages for free for years now, but there has always been some restrictions as to what the users could do on the page and on what they could post on the pages.  While there free programs available for download that will help a user create a basic webpage, more advanced programs such as Dreamweaver have been somewhat cost-restrictive for the casual Internet user.  Hopefully, Muse will be released at a realistic price.



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