Google’s Easter Egg Unleashed!{Comments Off on Google’s Easter Egg Unleashed!}

by ChihWei H

This article is a collection of secret “function”’ within Google’s search engine and services. “Do a barrel roll”, one of the latest Google’s stunt became one of the leading technology new during the weekend. If you type in the phase in a Google search, the whole page will actually rotates (Only in Firefox and Chrome I believe). The phrase came from popular Nintendo game, “StarFox”, which refer to a 360 degree rotation of fighter jet. Search for “z or r twice” will result in the same thing. There are quite a few other trick to try out in the article too, including Google gravity, Google map jet ski advice and more.

I think we could all use a little break from milestone 2. These tricks entertain me for quite a while so I would like to share it with the rest of the class. Furthermore, some of these tricks actually involves very advanced techniques. Especially Google Gravity, if you click on “view source”, you’ll see pages and pages of Javascript! Far out of my comprehension.

While there are no particular use of these “Easter eggs”, I think it’s quite refresh to see Google employees took their time and implement these. It goes without saying, companies who let employees develop their own ideas help themselves innovates. I think the same concept can be apply to our projects. Sometimes it might be helpful to think out side of the box and stop concerning only on the functionalities of website for a change.

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