Google+ and Google’s Privacy Policy{Comments Off on Google+ and Google’s Privacy Policy}

by Robert D
I’ve been hearing a lot about Google’s privacy policy a lot recently. There’s been a lot of Google smoothing it over, and a lot of uninformed people telling me it’s going to result in mandatory computer chips for all newborn babies. I wanted to try and cut through the mess and get the actual details of what’s going on. The article I found is not that.

Google+’s head developer spoke in favor of Google’s new policy, claiming that if Google did indeed want to do evil, users could easily leave. Which isn’t an argument at all. It seems to me more like someone says, well you can sue me, but if I commit that crime, wouldn’t you have already sued me? Certainly, nothing assuring here. It’s also very hard for users to leave Google; they own the internet. It’s like saying you could also stop using computers that Microsoft imports for their products. That’s a whole lot of product space you can’t use now, and there’s nothing at all in terms of competitors.

Gross, D. “Google Exec: We Won’t Break Users’ Trust” CNN Tech. 9 March 2012.