Google and It’s Infamous Antics

by Andrew N

Google and It’s Infamous Antics

Google has attempted to answer back to the world of SEO with its +1’s and Google+. Not only is Google keeping up with the times, it is also competing against Facebook’s Likes button. Google has had such success since it released such function in March that companies are targeting Google and using the +1 function to their advantage, but in a way that is conflicting with Google’s policies. Google’s +1 function started off initially within Google only, but has now expanded to the entire web. This is done, so that they can compete against others because  true ranking is key for search engine optimization. Google+ has also been a competing factor against Facebook, but is still in its infancy stage and invitations are need to join the social network.

I like this idea of a system that gets its rankings from actual people and not a bot that is programmed to. This way is considered to be word of mouth except through the internet. You can trust a friends word rather than have a bot trying to figure you out. On a darker note, I feel as if Google is a little late on this optimization process. Facebook definitely has the edge with its Like button since it has been around much longer. Google+ was also a hit when it first hit the internet, but the rave has really died down since it is merely a simplified version of Facebook with less features. The +1 function is a great function for Google to stay competitive, but I feel as if it has not caught on with social media yet. When it comes to the world of social media, it’s always the person who did it first that keeps the trend going.

I can relate to this because I use both Facebook and Google+. The problem is I log into Facebook everyday and Google+ once a week. I feel it is like this because Facebook was implemented first and has worked out a lot of the kinks that were needed in the world of social networking. Where as, Google decided to jump into the game and trying to get people to convert, but it still needs work. I also see that the Like button is used far much more as of right now compared to the +1 button. This is a potential threat for Google’s future in the SEO community.

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2 thoughts on “Google and It’s Infamous Antics”

  1. I agree with almost everything you say, and like you I use facebook almost every day, and log into my Google+ only occasionally. I do hope to see Google+ grow, as I have a few features in there that I like much more than Facebook’s. (Like the Google+ hangouts)

  2. I totally agree that websites rank by human still trumps AI. Just look at the example of The site sets a bad example for online retailers and tell us that there are still a lot of improvement to be made on computer intelligence. However, even with Google + 1 or Facebook’s “Like”, I’m sure there are still people out there who’s going to exploit the system just to make a little bit more money.
    In case people forget about’s story, here a link. The story goes that an owner of an e-commerce site treat his customer badly, however, because so many people are commenting and complaining about it on the web, Google ranks the site on in search results. Google had to change its algorithm in the end.

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