Google Chrome 11 New Features

by Abubaker D
My article is about Google Chrome 11 and some of its new features. It was released in 2011. HTML voice input support was added to Chrome 11. It also switched to a 2-D version of its familiar logo. The built in speech recognition is available on windows and Mac machines. Google’s own translate site has been updated with a microphone icon that lets you speak the words you would like translated. It only accepts English though. They said that they’re going somewhere with that application. It could be updated later on to translate from another language to another, and it’s all done by just speaking through the microphone. Another good thing about Chrome 11 is that they fixed a lot of the bugs that were associated with the previous versions of Google Chrome. They gave awards to people who helped fixing the bugs. $3000 was given to a user that goes by Kuzzcc for finding possible URL bar spoofs with navigation errors and interrupted loads. The Google team apparently couldn’t fix all the bugs so they welcomed outside solutions with awards.

This article is related to our class because it talks about HTML and the Chrome search engine. I think a lot of students use Chrome 11, and it would be cool to try out that voice input application. There are a lot of people that use dictionaries or translate words, so instead of typing which takes a longer time, the word can just be spoken and boom, you got it translated!

I’ve never used Chrome 11 to be honest. I’m just not that fan of Google. I think that voice application input application is cool though. I would try it out probably and see how it is. This article was in April 2011 so I think they’ve probably added more features to it.

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4 thoughts on “Google Chrome 11 New Features”

  1. I think that Google could be working on their own version of “Siri,” and this new implementation of voice integration to their Chrome Browser could be Google testing the waters. We may eventually see Google further develop its voice recognition technology into “Siri”-like software to release with a next generation of Androids.
    Right after typing the previous sentence, I searched “Google Siri” on Google and found this article mentioning Google’s plans to release a “Siri” Rival:

  2. Chrome is slowly becoming my go to browser, its faster than firefox ( my favorite browser before i switch over to Chrome) and its a much lighter on the system resources. I didn’t hear anything about the voice recongition feature in Chrome until i read your review, it would be a nice feature to have. Looking forward to chrome’s version of “Siri”

  3. I think the voice recognition actually is already implemented on Android mobile’s Google search apps. About the surfing speed, Chrome is abit faster Firefox, but still it eats the same amount of your computer as Firefox does. The different is it use divide and conquer technique to share your resource, each tab has a separate small piece of your CPU instead of a big cake for all tabs as for Firefox.

  4. Google’s voice recognition is pretty cool on mobile phones. It is very convenient when you are on the go or driving somewhere and need to know something fast. I would have to agree with Eric, Chrome has become my go to browser, and Firefox has been left in the dark for me. Either way its cool to see how much more Google can come up with.

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