Google Dart, a JavaScript replacement…{Comments Off on Google Dart, a JavaScript replacement…}

by Alejandro C
The web seems to be outgrowing JavaScript, says Google and will need a more modern way of producing better web applications. Today JavaScript is an essential component of the web. Its popular, robust, and widely used everywhere for creating immensely interactive web pages and sites. Google though believes that JavaScript is somewhat flawed in it’s ability to evolve and update that it is Google is introducing a new programming language that will one day replace JavaScript, Dart. Dart is being developed with three main goals in mind: Performance, developer usability, and support for tooling. Performance is a major goal since who wants to use a scripting language which is slow and cumbersome. Developer usability is necessary to match or compete with JavaScript already wide popularity among the developer community. Tooling support is a must for large projects that will use special extensions. Security though one of the goals described is another aspect to which Google is concerned about and says will tie into Dart. Google believes that JavaScript will not be able to evolve or mature fast enough to support future technologies this Dart will be able to replace it. Since it is meant to be a replacement with will be of a similar syntax to which developers are already familiar with when using JavaScript or C#, making the transition that much easier.

Though it makes complete sense to which Google would create a new programming language that is more tailor to the future of web and web applications. It seems like a hostile take-over of sorts. Those already familiar with a scripting language that seems to be widely popular will be very reluctant to change to this new system. It goes back to that saying of why fix something that already works well it seems that Google is merely thinking about the future possibilities of it’s new language and wants developers and the like to begin thinking about it as a possible replacement to JavaScript.

I am not quite familiar with JavaScript, I am a bit familiar with Java itself. The syntax and language is easy enough to use and it is widely popular for a wide range of uses. But coming up with an entirely new API seems to be very cumbersome in that not only are you going to have to change and adapt to a new language but the IDE’s will have to change as well. Google does state that it will already be in a similar syntax to make transition of this much easier but to me further development, evolving, and updating of Java would make much more sense to just write something completely new and expect the best.

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