Google “Drive” Could Step on Cloud Partners’ Toes

by Bach B
We all know that Google is offering online storage service in different ways, such as Google Docs. However, Google is also preparing to to launch its own cloud storage service named “Drive”. However, is it going to trample a bit on products and services offered by Google partners?

Just last summer, Box and Google launched a partnership that integrates Google Docs capabilities into Box for a combo aimed at going compete with the SharePoint features of Microsoft’s Office 365. And now, it is like Google is saying “Hey, I’m going to run my own storage service, partner!”  or McDonald’s deciding to get into the soft drink business with its own line of cola despite its symbiotic relationship with Coca Cola.

Should Box get mad on this action of Google?  The answer is no. Box CEO Aaron Levie  explained that he welcomes the Google “Drive” just like he welcomed Apple’s iCloud. Services like these — with the brand awareness of household names like Apple and Google – drive mainstream, awareness and acceptance of cloud storage in general. Ultimately, that is a good thing for every party involved in cloud storage, including Box. He also said that this would not impact Box’s relationship with Google.

Moreover,  “Drive” seems like a more consumer-oriented, and Google-centric service akin to a Google version of Apple’s iCloud, and is not seen as a direct challenge by its cloud partners.

In my opinion, there is no competition in the “Cloud”, the more services it has, the bigger the “Cloud” becomes. And the demand for online storage is getting bigger and bigger nowadays. This is a good thing for both companies  in the “Cloud” and customers.

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