Google Now Indexes Facebook Comments: Paranoid Can Relax

by Bach B
Do you ever want to search for some specific comments of some Facebook users? If yes, Google makes your dream come true. How? Google is now indexing AJAX and JavaScript content, which means pages that use this programming, for example, Facebook comments, are now open to being searched. Then, some strangers can search your comments on facebooks anytime they wants, do not they? It is not entirely true. Google’s bots are still unable to see comments left on private pages, such as your Facebook wall (lets assume you have your privacy settings in place) and your friends’ Facebook walls (again, lets assume they have their privacy settings in place). On the other hand,  Google’s bots can now see comments you’ve posted in public forums, which include websites that use the Facebook commenting system, as well as public pages on Facebook itself. For example, if you posted something like “that chick is hot” on your friend’s wall, and his/her page appears to public. Then your comment will now be searchable. You might think that breaches your privacy, but  that comment would have technically been public all along, but now it’s just a little easier to find.

Digital Inspiration points out that you can even search for things like “Commenter Name * Commenter Title” to find all of the comments that that commenter has made using the Facebook comments platform.

So aside of “easier to find comments”, what this change brings up to the table? Webmasters who use JavaScript-based commenting systems will hopefully see a boost to their SEO, since user’s comments will now be factored into their pagerank.

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4 thoughts on “Google Now Indexes Facebook Comments: Paranoid Can Relax”

  1. One of the things we hold dear is our privacy. Even though we seem to lose more and more of it every year, it is somewhat comforting to know that we still have some reprieve from the Googlebots on our private pages for the time being, though that being said it is always best practice to comment as if your employers can read your Facebook comments and Twitter Tweets.

  2. While it is good to know that most of my inane ramblings on Facebook cannot be seen as a result of my privacy settings, I feel a bit bad for people that are not very tech savvy. It still surprises me a little whenever someone asks me how to do something simple like changing Facebook privacy settings, but it can be good to remember that there are people like that out there. I feel as though privacy policies and EULAs should be written a lot more plainly, and that services like Facebook should have giant buttons labeled “Privacy Options.”

  3. I read this article on PCWorld as well. User privacy is big issue. It seems like you can never be safe online. Everyone is concerned about their privacy, but most people don’t take necessary actions to protect their private information.

  4. Tip: If you are going to bash someone/something or about some sensitive issues, you should set your "Privacy Settings" to Friends, or Specific people/Lists, or Only Me, before post it. Otherwise, your life would be harder than now, when someone uses Google Search, pull that out, and use your Comments/Status against you in the future.

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