Google Now Indexing Facebook for Comments{3}

by Cary C
This article brings to light that Google is now indexing all pages that are using AJAX and JavaScript.  This effect will be very noticeable for sites such as FaceBook that use these technologies for comments.  Essentially this will mean that any comments you make on Facebook in the public forums are now indexed.  This will also apply to users of sites such as Facebook that do not have their profiles set to private.  While Google insists that the data they are indexing and making searchable was already public information on the Internet, many users are concerned that their privacy is being violated.


While I cannot speak for the rest of my class, I personally like my privacy and I do not like that comments I may make on the Internet are now being indexed and made searchable.  I understand that the Internet is essentially one large public community, but I think there is a point where you have to draw a line.  As technology “progresses”, I feel more and more like I have my own collection of TMZ reporters following my every move.  I am not vain enough to believe that people interested enough in my life to constantly follow me, but I do think the Internet is moving us closer towards a world where there will be less secrets and it might be impossible to tell a lie.

However, I am not entirely sure this is a good thing.  I firmly believe that not all information should be made available on the Internet.  I am not naïve enough to believe that it is as obviously national security issues are kept confidential, but a comment I might make on Facebook such as “Dude I am calling in sick tomorrow for work so we can hit the beach” is meant to be viewed only by its intended recipient.  I certainly would not want that information to made public, and I cannot imagine that any readers of this blog would like it as well.  While I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that the Internet has provided, and I will continue to use this information, I do think there are serious ramifications.  For example, I recently was able to locate a girl I used to date more than twenty years ago.  While I have nothing malicious intended, I am concerned that I was able to find her new-married name, the cities she has lived in since I last saw her, her phone number, and her address.  All of this was public information, and it took me about five minutes to get it all.  I just hope there are not any ex-girlfriends of mine looking for me who might have bad intentions.



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