Google Support the Use of Flash in a HTML5 Kind of Sense{1}

by ChihWei H
Google Support the Use of Flash in a HTML5 Kind of Sense

Google is providing developers with a tool, Swiffy, that converts Adobe Flash animations to HTML5. At a time when Adobe declare the death of Flash on mobile platforms, Google’s providing developers a tool to easily conversion of the .swf extension to HTML format. As Adobe Flash is still alive and well in the desktop, Google’s tool give developers flexibilities to port their creation to HTML5 so it could be use in mobile platform as well.  Adobe actually has a similar tool called Wallaby, but it’s more light weight when compare to Google’s Swiffy.

I’m quite fascinated how such tool can made available to developers. The conversion of two languages sounds quite difficult. How did Google’s Swiffy pull it off will sure be a good read. I guess in today’s business world, it’s all about legacy support, and this tool provides just that.  As we all know, Flash still occupies lots of web animation, video, and applications, it make sense to reserve such rich library.

I’m somewhat surprise that Google bring up such tool.  Google and Apple are fighting viciously over mobile platform, and one of Android’s advantages over iOS is the support of Flash. However, Apple doesn’t seem to be interest in developing similar tool.

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