Google Upgrades its Architecture and Interaction Models{Comments Off on Google Upgrades its Architecture and Interaction Models}

by Yeimy F
Google’s web robot, which is a program that collects information from the web and builds an index for the search engine, has been upgraded and it is now capable of indexing AJAX and JavaScript content from web sites such as Facebook. This means that “Facebook comments are now open to being searched” by the top search engine in the United States.

This is not considered a privacy breach because this upgrade does not allow Google to access to comments posted on Facebook’s wall, it only allows access to web sites that use Facebook as a third-party commenting engine and public pages on Facebook itself. This might not be a problem for people who have their privacy settings in place, but it could be for the ones who are not concerned about it because they can be affected by comments made from someone who has accessed their personal web page. A person can just search for “commenter name or commenter title to find all of the comments that the commenter has made using the Facebook platform”

 One of the learning objectives of this week was to learn about the difference between the user interface and the user experience design. And I consider this article about Google as an example of a search engine that increases its user experience design by upgrading a feature that influences people’s experience, perceptions and behavior. Moreover, this upgrade also meets one of Google’s business objectives which is to push the limits of existing technologies to provide fast and accurate access to anyone who seeks information.

 I chose this article because I think it is important for us to know what upgrades or new implementations are made by Google, specially if it is something that can affect our privacy. I also considered important to know that what can mean an objective accomplishment for this organization, can mean a “sticky situation for people who are hyper-sensitive about privacy issues.


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