Google vs Oracle{3}

by Andrew J
The Google vs Oracle trial has been a huge case with potentially extremely harmful repercussions. Oracle is accusing Google of both Copyright infringement and patent infringement. According to Oracle, Google’s Android platform is said to contain code from Java. Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems, the creator of java,  in 2010. Though Java is an open sourced platform, systems that are widely marketed still need to license the use of java. Oracle is seeking $1 Billion+ from Google for not having a java license. Google is saying that even if they did need to pay for the license, it would only be in the $100 Million range. Google is also saying that they do not heavily use Java and are themselves an open sourced platform. They do not charge  anyone for the use of Android. Just recently, the jury reached a decision that Google did infringe on a minimal amount of Java code in the development of Android.

Google is claiming that Oracle just wants a cut of the earnings due to the success of Android. What I don’t understand is Google’s strategy.  Google offers all of its services pretty much for free to the public. It makes most of its money off of advertisement from its search pages. It is shelling out Billions of dollars to produce Android, while offering it for free. In fact, manufactures who use Android don’t pay Google for it, they pay Microsoft for it because of its patent licensing. With all of these companies attacking Google for developing Android, is it even worth developing anymore? Steve Jobs was on a mission to destroy Android for stealing ideas from iOS. Microsoft makes more money than Google does from Google’s own product. Oracle wants Google to pay them $1 Billion for the use of Java. Everyone is attacking Google and yet people are flocking to get Android phones everyday. I guess the more units they sell, the more that the name “Google” will be out there. And the more relevant the name is, the more people will search off it’s search engine. That’s where Google makes all of their money.

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