Google web analytics

by Quoc L
Web analytic is a important aspect part of creating a websites. So Google improve their web analytic program to accurately display the correct information. Social Value visualization, help us visualize the the the value that social media is giving to the site. Google analytic also enable the user to create social plugin for there site and track how much traffic it generate. Lastly, it display how each visitors interact with the website content, were it positive or not.

Google analytic is important tool on maintaining and growth performance. it let us figure out what is we are doing right or wrong. It give a insight on how our business is preforming. It pretty interesting that we have the tool to fine tune our website for maximum profit.

It important to our class because it let up keep our site running longer. creating a website is only one part of the job. keeping it running require knowledge on human behavior. Google web analytic is a simple tool that can help us learn how it protect our site from irrelevance.

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2 thoughts on “Google web analytics”

  1. Google’s Web Analytics is a great tool for website owners as it provides much data to help them decide what feature to invest in to improve the user experience. Because it is so widely used, Google can quickly build a profile of a user’s interest as the user hops from site to site. Although Google is a great company, I’m not comfortable with one entity having so much information on its users.

  2. I think google web analytics is a great tool for not only website owners but big corporations in general. Because it’s only going to help them market the products they want the consumers to see. They can place images and links where they think the users are looking the most and draw more attention to their products.

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