Google’s Dart{1}

by Chris S
Recently Google announced one of their new projects, Dart. This new language aims to eventually replace Javascript, which Google believes is flawed, and is in dire need of improvement. Their main target with their new language are the iOS devices, like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. Dart is unique in the fact that it has the ability to run as another language, rather than just natively. A developer has the option of compiling their dart app as a javascript file, meaning that future dart programs can run on today’s javascript.

I found this article very interesting, as we were learning about javascript last week. Google has been at the forefront of lots of development, with a hand in almost every single huge advance over the last few years. This includes projects such as WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator), Android, and hundreds of others. I am personally excited to see what Google manages to do with their new language.

I also want to learn to program in Dart myself, as they plan to make it much more intuitive than javascript, like Python can be to C++. Also, I found this article particular interesting as it related to one of my previous articles on how the web was dying, and Google believes that with this new language it will slow down, if not stop entirely, the death of the web browser.


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