Google’s new Privacy Policy{5}

by Shahravi
For this week, I decided to talk about an article which talk about Google’s new Privacy Policy Change. Recently, there has been lots of buzz and circulation about Google’s new Privacy Policy. Their new Privacy Policy consolidates most of their products’ privacy policies into one single policy. After so much criticism from public and many organizations, many states Attorney generals were concerned over the potential implications of Google’s new privacy policy. Their concern was most for government users and owners of Android-powered smartphones. Google has been known to being committed to consumer privacy and this new privacy policy changes that. It will force internet users to share their data without giving them a proper ability to opt out. Attorney Generals also argue that it would be “virtually impossible” to escape the policy without android users ditching their phones.

Google’s new privacy policy would create a single privacy policy for all its online products. Under the new policy, Google will combine user data from services like YouTube, Gmail, and Google search and create a single merged profile for each user of its services. Google argues that its “new policy is shorter, and easy to understand and will allow the company to deliver better and more targeted services for users of its products.” When questioned about their change, Google simply said that users who do not like the new policy can simply stop using its services.

What I learned is that this is the reality. We can’t escape this “web” world we are living in. It would be almost impossible to stop using Google’s services. We are all used to using Google’s services so much that we can’t help but to accept their privacy policy changes. I think this change makes Google look bad, specially when their motto is “Don’t be Evil”!