Google’s Push for Universal Online ID

by ChihWei H

Google’s new social network service, Google+, has a bigger agenda than a mere Facebook replacement. Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt, admitted why Google is pushing for real name usage on their network site is because they see it as a “identity service.” This kind of service is nothing new. Microsoft has long been pushing their Windows Live ID as an unified gateway to their service. A lot of websites also allow users to sign in with their facebook account. However, analysts pointed out why G+ would like users to use their real names. The reason is simple, real name is more valuable to advertisers than fake names. Real name users are easier for advertisers to target, even figure out their age, social status and demographic.

I’m sure most of us wouldn’t like our name and identities given out. However, if you look into your facebook friends, most of them do share their real names. People on LinkedIn perhaps only share their real names. I think for future generations, people will be get very comfortable with their online identity. Maybe it’s time for us to embrace the trend.

An unified gateway actually gives us users a very convenient way to use services from various websites. Just think about how many logins you need when you surf the net. In addition, Google’s password system is more adequate than many other sites, including banks. For example, my Bank of America online banking account will only let me use combination of letters, numbers and very limited symbol. Gmail, however, allows me to use “pass phrase.” I’m able to set pass phase like “I love to have 1 coffee!” Not only it’s more secure, it’s also very easy to remember.

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3 thoughts on “Google’s Push for Universal Online ID”

  1. There is nothing convenient or comfortable to provide your personal information to marketers, much less to Google. Google is evil, they already read people’s email, they retain all search data everyone has ever done using their search engine and they do data mining to be sold to the highest biter; however, they are not satisfied with that, now they want more and more; when are they going to stop? Just because some people are willing to give up their privacy; does not mean that we should get “comfortable” giving it up to Google or anyone else for that matter.
    The United Stated Congress is looking into what Google is doing and they have asked Google to stop reading people’s email, furthermore, Congress would be having hearing on the matter soon. There is nothing good about what Google is doing.

  2. I would tend to agree with Marco on this. At what point is it too much, what valid reason is there that google could give as to why they have to read everyone’s e-mail. People always wonder why they get spammed and why their identity is stolen and it is because thier information is sold to the highest bidder it is sad but true. we have become dependent on technology that just might hurt us more then help.

  3. I don’t think that it is a very big deal if the user must enter in a real name for their profile. The option to not use your real name will not add to your privacy on the social network. Real names don’t really change anything for Google+ members except for the fact that they can now be targeted better by marketing.

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