Hackers get smarter with Javascript

by Ermie C
This article is about security researchers from ESET are detecting new ways on how new Malware is being inserted into websites. This was discovered in a Russian web space and was really found unexpectedly through the use of mouse cursor movement. However, they reveal that this isn’t a regular attack anymore to just make a program that redirects and installs a program automatically unto a user’s computer, this is actually a rogue js code that installs itself in the head tag in an html page. This makes it so that it’s harder to find. Now that because more and more developers are using JS for their websites, it’s becoming a more common thing to learn and manipulate. A hacker’s use of the mouse movement program to is evade the purpose of web crawlers that companies use for security to detect malware. The researchers in ESET seem impressed because programmers are getting more “proactive” in changing up their game plan to infect user computers.

I chose this article because it’s very smart on how these hackers are changing their strategy to hack. It means that their just not throwing in mindless bots to hack other peoples pages. It’s obviously a crime but, i’m more on the impressed side because as web developers needing to learn java script, we need to make the code an extension of our knowledge. This is because if we’re just mindlessly creating code to make something look pretty, then we’re forgetting that there are two sides of the spectrum. The aesthetic side and the secure side, we must know both in order to become a genuine web developer for web applications and that is also the reason why it pertains to the class.

Constantin, L. (2012, April 9). Web Attacks Use Smart Redirection to Evade URL Security Scanners. PC World. Retrieved May 13, 2012, from http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/253426/web_attacks_use_smart_redirection_to_evade_url_security_scanners.html

5 thoughts on “Hackers get smarter with Javascript”

  1. I totally agree with you. It is very impressing. I actually wrote an article about it two weeks ago. These hackers make a lot of money by just hacking into systems and getting information out. I don’t know if you know that hackers spend 6 to 8 hours on average to write codes to hack a website or system. depends on the security. these are some interesting facts to know. By the way, good article!!

  2. I also have to agre. As more programs are are developed to catch hackers and their code the hacker must adapt and change the way they do things. I think that as developers we need to always think of the security of the things we develop and make sure that they are not going to get hacked. Good article

  3. It is really amazing and a great article to read. I found that it was interesting because there are many people that are using javascript but with the use of javasctript comes more problems. javascript does not show where your mouse goes but with some malware it makes it possible. The security needs to be increased and watched because people are getting smart and attacking more and more often.

  4. Another impressive article on the from the constant cat and mouse game between hackers and white hats in their exchange to countermand each other. Its pretty frightening to know how relatively fast hackers can find vulnerabilities within the nook and crannies of js’ architecture. Good article all around

  5. Cool article. I enjoy reading articles about hacking and information that is related to user security. I know everyday, there are “hackers,” that are coming up with new creative and innovative ways to hack into unsuspecting users to steal personal information and what not, but like the previous post said, we need to be very careful and try to stay ahead and create security that will prevent those hackers from hacking into our personal computers and networks.

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