Half term evaluation of blog assignments{Comments Off on Half term evaluation of blog assignments}

by admin
We are half way there! and almost everyone did a fantastic job on blogging! Thanks to your contribution, I’ve personally learned so many new technologies and events in the IS field, and I hope you feel the same way too!

As you probably have noticed, I have added the social plugins (Like Box, Recommendation, social bookmarking buttons, and Facebook Comment Box) and many new features (cluster map, tag cloud) to the class blog to better serve the social learning purpose. I have also been grading the blog assignments very casually, and constantly provide some suggestions how you can improve them. As the time goes by you should be better at both writing and publishing them (i.e., selection of article, depth of your reflection and analysis, categories, tags, timeline, etc.) Here are a few issues I’d like to re-state:

  • make sure to un-check “uncategorized” category;
  • check “interactive web development” as the category for your post;
  • give your posts some tags. I’ve added a tag cloud on the right sidebar on the blog site.
  • make at least 1 blog post and 2 comments to others’ posts each week. You need to follow this timeline to publish your posts and comments – even if you finished writing your posts ahead of time you need to save them as a draft and make them public during the week that it is due, not ahead of time, not late either. You also need to comment on your classmate’s most recent post each week. There is no max limit of how many posts or comments you want to make.
  • make sure to select a related article that connect to topics of the course.

Timely publication of blog posts and comments that are well-formatted with proper title, citation, category and tags is the key to a successful class blog like ours, as it helps readers easily find and browse through the content. Looking forward to more excellent posts and comments in the coming weeks. Thanks.