Harmonizing Color for UX{1}

by Calvin M
This journal article teaches about the importance of the uses of colors as they affect User Experience. Color harmony is a very important concept to understand while coming up with a web application. It can affect the users emotions and influence users subconsciously.  Colors that are opposite from each other in intensity will cause the eyes to tire easily, so those types of color combinations should be avoided. The rest of the article goes on to show the different scientific research done to find harmonious color combinations such as the graph posted on the bottom of this post.


In class we discussed how User Experience (UX) is sometimes more important than the User Interface (UI). This article shows how a simple part of UX, color, plays a big role in UX. I have learned in one of the core business classes that color does make a difference when it comes to advertisements and signage in a business. For example, the color yellow makes a person feel happy and red will make them feel hungry. Therefore, a lot of restaurants use the color scheme of red and yellow (ie McDonald’s and In-N-Out). So it only makes sense for a UI incorporate the same theory.


I enjoy reading how business and information systems go hand-in-hand, and I will continue to find articles that show this relationship. I feel that it’s important for us to realize that the business classes we take as part of the CIS major are relevant to us and not just a waste of our time. I anticipate that I will have to use the tools taught to me in marketing and business classes to create a successful project. Hopefully I can remember everything I learned in those classes and apply them to this project.


Source Used (Article and Photo):

Stickel, C., Maier, K., Ebner, M., & Holzinger, A. (2009). The modeling of harmonious color combinations for improved usability and ux. Information Technology Interfaces, 2009. ITI ’09. Proceedings of the ITI 2009 31st International Conference, 323-328.