Hot Potato One, Hot Tomato None{Comments Off on Hot Potato One, Hot Tomato None}

by James C

Now consider the programs of choice developers are using scripting languages for Web development and applications. The old days of using scripting languages for quick patch solutions is now thought of as having a badge of honor for having done so. Used for real programming today, scripting languages have been incorporated into large scale projects. These programs include, but are not limited to, ActionScript, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Scala, Ruby, R, PHP, and Java. The rest of the article reviews what scripting languages are hot (JavaScript, Python, Scala, R, PHP) and which are not (ActionScript, Perl, Ruby) and the reasons why.


In my opinion it’s hard to delineate which scripting language carries the most benefits and potential. Many of these scripting languages have come into existence out of necessity, and have taken a life of their own. Java for example was developed to be a solution to the cross platform programming issue and has inevitably become a leading programming language.

Even though there seems to be a mosaic of scripting languages, the basic idea behind their syntax is the same, with the exception of Java (object-oriented). The key factor to keep in mind is that regardless of the language in use if abstraction is not an easy concept for the user then the language of choice is meaningless.


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